'Select or upload an image' not doing anything anymore

  • When trying to add an image in perch, the 'Select or upload an image' link doesn't do anything anymore.

    I can drag a new image onto the thumbnail block, or click above it to upload a new image, but I cannot choose one from my asset folder within perch.

    I am sorry if this is a duplicate thread, as i have found it mentioned a few times, but either the thread goes cold or the resolution isn't explained.

    Info that may help:

    Here is my basic health report:
    Perch is up to date

    PHP 7.2.20 is up to date

    MySQL 5.7.25-log is up to date

    Image processing available

    Memory limit is low. Memory use is limited to -9.5367431640625E-7M, which could cause problems manipulating large images.

    My friend also has the memory low message but we have identical hosting packages and his works.

    Other info:

    I wasn't originally using the Gallery addon, but have installed it to see if it made a difference. Nothing.

    One thread said she had the same issue but it was caused by the htaccess file, so i have removed mine, still not working.

    Any help greatly appreciated!

  • drewm

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  • Hi Drew,

    No, I should have added that in my post, sorry. There is no error.

    It happens on my personal PC and my work MacBook.

    One thread also mentioned seeing the call in the 'Networks' tab in browser debugging, I can see the call actioned and it returns OK 200.

  • Nothing is happening that i can see of... I click the text and it flashes red to signify a click, but nothing.

    I am happy to share log in information privately if it will be easier to see it yourself?

  • Hi Again Drew,

    Hoping you had a good weekend.

    I have been scouring the docs / forum / and web for any other leads with this issue as it is starting to delay my progress.

    Just a quick update on something else I have tried.. My friend mentioned it may have something to do with file permissions when I upload to my server, so I have given all files and folders '777' permissions.

    As mentioned above, in the 'network' tab I can see some kind of JSON array returned when i click the link, so it seems perch won't display the dialog.

    Also, in case it helps, here is one of the code snippets from one of my html templates i use.

    1. <div class="team-member__image">
    2.     <img src="<perch:content id="image" type="image" label="Image" />" alt="">
    3. </div>

    Thank you again in advance,


  • Hi Drew,

    I'm not entirely sure. I have been building the site heavily for a few weeks now, and most of the time I was uploading new assets, so didn't think. It was only when i wanted to reuse images I suddenly noticed.

    What are your initial thoughts?



  • I have decided to try and delete all traces of all images uploaded. In case I have a corrupt file somewhere.

    I have deleted all the assets from the asset folder in Perch, I have deleted the gallery album I added. I have gone into each component and deleted any image links there was.

    I also found a list of images in Perch/Resources and deleted them.

    Is there anywhere else, or in any database tables that I should clear?

  • As this thread seems to have gone cold and I couldn't work out the issue, I have created a new site from scratch using a new SQL database...

    Not ideal, but my project is now running late...

    I can confirm though that the images are now working (although I have only added one, but i do keep checking it) and I am trying to copy my templates over slowly then checking image upload to see if I can isolate the issue for others that will come across it.

    I am still having issues with my cart persisting though, which worries me.