Cart won't persist, and seems to be on a different url

  • I have had to switch from Perch to CubeCart!

    Ah that's a shame. Well I hope the project went well otherwise.

    Though, since you addressed me by name I'd like to mention that I'm disappointed you have labelled this as "lack of support" because:

    1. Drew tried to help you and there was some back and forth correspondence between you two
    2. You had some further questions and I answered them
    3. You mentioned the cart ID keeps increasing, I explained why this may happen and tried to help you confirm whether this was indeed the reason
    4. You again mentioned the cart ID keeps increasing instead of working with me to try to work out the cause

    Communication is a two-way street. Good support relies on good communication. I tried to confirm whether you had a problem with PHP sessions:

    So this sounds like the PHP session expires prematurely and a new session is started, hence Perch Shop creating a new instance of the cart when you reload the page.

    Do you keep getting different values when you refresh the page?

    I'm not putting all the blame on you and I understand your frustration a little bit. I could have re-asked the question, but I'm not obligated to do so. I'm just another member of this community. No one pays me to help other Perch developers. I took the time to explain what could be the cause of your issue and tried to work with you to confirm the cause, but you frankly didn't adequately address that.

    I can't speak of how first-party support works, but you got some from Drew in a section of the forum that is clearly labelled "Help - Customer to Customer". I hope drewm and rachelandrew explain the type of first-party support the customers are entitled to. Hopefully that would help manage everyone's expectations.

  • Hi Hussein,

    I don't want to start an argument, but you say, you could of re-asked the question... Is that the refresh values question??

    I answered it twice in 2 separate posts..

    I can see the cart id going up every time i refresh.

    SELECT * FROM perch3_shop_cart WHERE cartID=78

    If i refresh, the product stays but the cart ID increments:

    SELECT * FROM perch3_shop_cart WHERE cartID=129

    And if I navigate to /cart from this page, the page reloads empty with the next cart id:

    SELECT * FROM perch3_shop_cart WHERE cartID=130

    I mentioned on 20th August I hadn't purchased my SSL yet, and a fellow developer Montlewis has mentioned that SSL could be an issue. What are your thoughts?

    Too late for me :( but may help anyone else who gets this issue.

  • you could of re-asked the question... Is that the refresh values question??

    I answered it twice in 2 separate posts..

    No, I was referring to the PHP session ID:

    If you turn on debug and add the following to your page, you will see the session ID in the debug message (highlighted blue):

    The point of my previous comment is that you received a decent amount of support from the Perch team and from a community member. I went silent because from my perspective it appeared like you didn't look into what I suggested, which is absolutely fine if you thought it was irrelevant, but in return I can't suggest a solution without knowing what's causing the issue.

    I'm not saying don't leave feedback or suggestions for improvements, but I don't think there was a particular lack of support on your issue here. I admit a follow-up was missing from both me and the Perch team. If I was in your shoes, I'd probably be frustrated. And again I'm not putting all the blame on you.

    In any case, I hope I'm not driving you away from the Perch community. My intention was not to be hostile or attack you in any way, so I really hope that is not how you feel. If I can help in any other way, feel free to reach out. If you ever get stuck near a deadline and need some urgent help, you can contact one of the registered developers.

    All the best