Product with different variant options and prices

  • Hi All,

    A quick 'how would i...'

    I have a product, for example a t-shirt, and if when the product page loads the default price is £10, and size options are presented X-Small -> XXX-Large.

    If anyone selects, XX-Large or XXX-Large I want the price to increase, for example to £15. (These are purely examples and not my business model!)

    So in the Perch products (I have the Shop add on installed) I created my base product and added the size option variants, then went into the XXL and XXXL and have overridden the price, however, when the user selects the size the price shows 10 but in the basket shows 15. Is there a way I can dynamically update the product page so the customer knows before adding to basket?

    I can list the variants and their respective prices, but i cannot get the product SKU or price to update on selection change.

    Thank you,