The Future of Perch

  • Does Perch have a future. Can we realistically buy a license on a client's behalf with the confidence that Perch will still exist in 10 years, 5 years, 1 year?!

    I want to believe because it is still such great software for web designers that want to actually design rather than just re-sell WP templates.

    Anything from the owners to put our minds at rest would be most welcome.

    I'm still a Perch fan.

  • Hi there, Perch does indeed have a future. The business continues to provide the product and resolve issues as they arise. Changing the business pricing model to a subscription allows us to continue to develop ongoing functionality. Our strategy is to quietly go about our business of providing a useful tool for web designers and developers that we hope is also simple for the clients to use. By doing this our subscriber count will grow allowing us to strengthen the product.


    We have no intention of stopping the service but every desire to quietly grow our following. 1:24 I hope this answers your question and puts any doubt you may have to rest.