For Output Issues when using a repeater within the form

  • I have got this repeater working well within my form:…field-selection-in-a-form

    My Form Repeater:

    <perch:input class="form-control" type="select" id="recipient" label="Recipient" options="Please select a development, <perch:repeater id="recipients" label="Recipients"><perch:content id="property" type="text" label="Development" />|<perch:content id="developmentemail" type="text" label="Email" /><perch:if id="perch_item_index" match="neq" value="{perch_item_count}">,</perch:if></perch:repeater>" />

    But the output into the form email template only sends the email address and not the property which is what I need it to do:(

    My Form Email Template

    <td style="padding: 10px 20px;">Name: <perch:email id="name" /></td>



    <td style="padding: 10px 20px;">Email: <perch:email id="email" /></td>



    <td style="padding: 10px 20px;">Property you are interested in: <perch:email id="recipient" /></td>


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