Assets disappearing from admin panel, present in resources folder

  • Dear all,

    Unfortunately, I am having an issue with images disappearing from the admin panel. They sit there for a while after uploading, then most disappear, although not all. The files are still present in the resources folder. As long as I don't re-save the pages that display the images, they are visible – however, as soon as I hit save in Perch, the links are broken, with an empty img src.

    I've seen some threads about similar issues in the forum but no solution yet – still hoping for any ideas?

    This is where the images are uploaded inside a block:

    Diagnostics Report (perch3_resources (309) doesn't seem correct – there are 409 files in the resources folder and only 14 assets in "Assets"):

    Am very grateful for any pointers! Thanks in advance!

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