Save page as draft?

  • Hi

    Noticed something when saving a page as a draft...

    • Before I press save I check the 'Save as draft' box
    • Press save and the 'Save as draft' box is unchecked?
    • I see the 'Draft successfully updated' message, but not the 'You are editing a draft' message?
    • As result the page (that I want to be a draft) is live on the website
    • When I view 'listing pages' there's no preview button next to the new page?
    • If I go back into the page, check 'Save as draft' box again and press save it remains checked.
    • Only then do I see the 'You are editing a draft' message?

    Here's a 40 second screen recording showing what's happening.

    I'd expect the 'Save as draft' box to remain checked and the 'You are editing a draft' message to be shown on the first save.

    Any ideas?:/

    Health check

    • Perch Runway is up to date
    • PHP 7.1.26 is up to date
    • MySQL 5.7.25 is up to date
    • Image processing available