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    Thanks for your replies, guys!


    Multiple item region is fine so far.

    How would you add a two level filter there? With a user-filtered list? Users should be able to filter and/or type and date of events.

    And I am wondering what you personally think about the event app. If you mean it's still fine, maybe it would be the better solution? (I have used it in the past.) Automatically hiding past events is very practicle...

    As I found in a older post the event app should no longer be used because it's out of date. So I am looking for another way to achieve what I need:

    I have a page that shows a set of events (articles with type, date etc.) over the year. Users should be able to filter type and date. Passed events should no longer appear in the list, they should be moved to an archive. Am I right to develop it with categories or is there a better way? It's a Perch project (not Runway).

    I would appreciate very much if someone could help me start the right way. :)

    Thanks a lot!

    I have several carousels on the same page. They all have their individual id using the following Perch template tag:

    1. id="carousel_<perch:content id="perch_item_index" type="hidden" />"

    Now I need to reuse it for the controls. I tried different ways, none worked. What I have for the moment:

    1. href="#carousel_<perch:content id="parent.perch_item_index" type="hidden" />"

    Thanks a lot! Your help is much apreciated!

    I have several members with different pages to have access to. Is it possible to redirect each of them directly to their tagged page after logging in?

    1. // if logged in, redirect to /tagged page
    2. if (perch_member_logged_in()) {
    3. PerchSystem::redirect('/to-tagged-page');
    4. }

    Thanks for helping me with this!