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    I wonder if someone can help with a hopefully simple PHP issue. I have an existing site on Perch and have been in the process of adding a blog to it. Installation of the add-on was fine initially, I've added posts to the backend but last night started getting the following error when trying to view any pages locally;

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare perch_blog_form_handler() (previously declared in /Users/andrewscrivener/Sites/XXXX/perch/addons/apps/perch_blog/runtime.php:28) in /Users/andrewscrivener/Sites/XXXX/perch/addons/apps/perch_blog/runtime.php on line 42

    I'm not a PHP dev so from digging around I can only see the perch_blog_form_handler()function defined in that page and no other files. The function hasn't been edited by me at all and runs from line 28 - 42 as follows;

    If anyone could point me in the right direction to debug this I'd appreciate it.