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    Not sure if I'm in perch:spam ??? ... and sorry if I'm asking a stupid question. Not sure why but I haven't had approval for this, or for another post I put up a few months ago (I sorted that issue and moved on). This Forum is a great source of help and I would only ask for help as a last resort.

    If it is not possible to use Paypal Subscriptions with Perch Shop I could always set up variants on product/member tags and adjust the pricing for 3 / 6 /12 monthly purchase. However, a subscription sign up would be the best solution for my customer as the website is for Pilates classes and a cheap, monthly sign up might gain more uptake.

    Also if not possible to do, maybe Paypal Subscriptions could be a quick win/solution to implementing recurring payment management into perch shop in v4???

    Thanks again,