Perch Shop and Paypal Subscriptions

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    I realise recurring payments are not yet available to manage with Perch Shop, but it is top of the list on the Perch Shop Roadmap

    However, I need to set up a subscription payment. Has anyone had any success integrating Paypal Subscriptions with Perch Shop? Can it be done? or is there an alternative I should be looking at?

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  • Not sure if I'm in perch:spam ??? ... and sorry if I'm asking a stupid question. Not sure why but I haven't had approval for this, or for another post I put up a few months ago (I sorted that issue and moved on). This Forum is a great source of help and I would only ask for help as a last resort.

    If it is not possible to use Paypal Subscriptions with Perch Shop I could always set up variants on product/member tags and adjust the pricing for 3 / 6 /12 monthly purchase. However, a subscription sign up would be the best solution for my customer as the website is for Pilates classes and a cheap, monthly sign up might gain more uptake.

    Also if not possible to do, maybe Paypal Subscriptions could be a quick win/solution to implementing recurring payment management into perch shop in v4???

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  • At the moment Perch Shop uses Omnipay to provide a unified API to manage the different payment gateways. Currently Omnipay doesn't support recurring billing so adding Paypal subscriptions directly to shop would be difficult.

    Your best option would probably be to create a stand alone app to handle subscriptions