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  • Byron Fitzgerald

    Rather than skipping the template and returning raw, you can just make a perch template to output the XML.

    (Code, 15 lines)

    Haven't seen your template but here is a best guess for a possible solution
  • It looks like you have an error in your config.production.php. Check that everything is correct in there and there are no missing ;
  • Byron Fitzgerald

    Replied to the thread Combining Collections?.
    You should be able to use an array of collections as the key.

    (Code, 9 lines)

    Although this might not work with MySQL 5.7 as standard, due to strict mode, though you should be able to update the settings as required
  • Byron Fitzgerald

    Replied to the thread Members App - Image upload.
    Easiest option would be to set up some tags for verified and un verified. If the user is unverified redirect them to a regular perch form, (you can prefill in any info in hidden fields) and then a user can upload a file that way. Once received you can…