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  • Byron Fitzgerald

    I did notice that on my test install but I thought it was because I updated a previous install. Collections are still there and work exactly the same as before. You'll have to enter the URL manually to get there though I assume now. If you try…
  • Byron Fitzgerald

    Replied to the thread Perch V4 (and future) Megathread.
    Going off of the download from I've gone through and checked what's been changed / added. So in lieu of any release notes here's what I've found

    Most of the changes seem to be auto formatting and…
  • Byron Fitzgerald

    Replied to the thread Stripe SCA Update.
    I made an update a while back to use the latest stripe payment intents. A few people are using it as well as myself and all is working well. It does make a few changes to some core shop files, but it's all additive and it's not like we're getting…
  • Byron Fitzgerald

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    Agreed. If you're making a tool to build websites, the most basic thing to do is make sure your own website works! Would you be content to let your own website cert expire for all your current and potential clients to see?

    You also have to ask why…