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    I'm using the following to bring in 4 gallery posts to the home page... works fine.

    1. <?php
    2. $opts = array(
    3. 'template'=>'home.html',
    4. 'image'=>true,
    5. 'sort-order'=>'DESC',
    6. 'count' => '4'
    7. );
    8. perch_gallery_album_listing($opts);
    9. ?>

    What I'm wanting to know is it possible to do an "if"...

    Basically I want it to show an ad in the place of a gallery post, if there's less than 4 gallery's... show 2 ad's if theres less than 3 gallery's etc...


    Thanks for that... so perch blog is setup for what I need. Awesome!

    However i don't understand how or where to start. a list of functions doesn't really help me get off the ground

    Basically I have a client which wanted a new page for showing off latest work, so I used the perch blog app. Its date sorting and the built in RSS feed etc etc, made it perfect for the task.

    Now after 2 years they want a news/blog page as well... I have read this thread

    Blog type installation when you already have a blog

    but its more of a telling off than a helpful solution... Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

    So can blog be installed twice?

    The only other option i can think of is a check box in the admin... Post this on projects, Post this on Blog, then add a filter to the page content... however That's a headache when it comes to the URLs.




    Got an odd one I have never encounter before...

    Forms are emailing fine, but for some reason they are not being captured in the CMS/database...

    "Store responses" is checked...