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    We are in process of updating a client site from v2.8 to V3 and all has gone well. The question I have relates to redactor , we use this for the blog app, and want to update/add the video plugin, can you advise how we can do this.

    I have added the redactor video plugin .js file to the config.json

    1. "js": [
    2. "PERCH_LOGINPATH/core/editors/redactor/redactor.min.js",
    3. "PERCH_LOGINPATH/core/editors/redactor/video.min.js",
    4. "PERCH_LOGINPATH/core/editors/redactor/perch/config.js"
    5. ],

    And have updated the config.js file as follows to add the plugin but seems not to work any help would be appreciated.

    1.  var create_editors = function() {
    2.         var config = {                plugins: ['perchassets', 'video'],            };