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    Hey. Thanks for catching this. Its a bug with the app on php 7.0. Which had a return type of void specified and this wasn't introduced until 7.1.

    I guess i hadden't actually tested on 7.0 specifically.

    I've fixed the issues and pushed the code to GitHub. You can download v0.1.1 to get the version with the fix.

    With a runway site you shouldn’t have an index.php. That’s what your htaccess is doing, take the uri and if it doesn’t match an existing file, send it to perch for processing. Since / matches the index.php be default and that file exists, it definitely won’t be processed by perch.

    And you don't want to have a single region template render your entire menu links included? If you're using the branched method, you should be able to use the perch_pages_navigation function no?

    Here is something you can do pretty quickly, and this is how I send email from pretty much all my Perch Site. It takes about 10-15 minutes to setup.

    You can use my OpenSource API MAIL app to send email via a WebBased API like SendGrid. SendGrid allows a decend number of email send free per month. Of course they give you a 15day pro trial, but when that expires you just get knocked down to the free tier and its quite reasonable for most peoples sites: (100/day).

    The added benefit is you get a decent admin panel in SendGrid that shows open rates etc.

    So its a free alternative for those normally using Gmail SMTP.

    I built this to send with SendGrid, so the SendGrid connector is available out of the box. If you need a connector for a different WebBased API, i'd be happy to develop it for you if you sponsor its development for the OpenSource project.

    What is the name of your shared region ? 'Home Link DE' ? and the template it uses has a bunch of links ?

    if thats the case and you only want to pull out one of those links by id you can filter the region with perch_content_custom().

    1. perch_content_custom('Home Link DE', [
    2.     'filter' => 'id',
    3.     'match' => 'eq',
    4.     'value' => 'home-link-de',
    5. ]);

    I get the impression you're looking to create a nav menu based for specific languages ? I think there may be simpler solutions for you if this is the case.

    I’m not sure perch has ever been considered “feature complete”. Seems to me they’ve always rolled out new functionality pretty much whenever and not tied to a specific major version.

    I think regular perch should be limited somewhat to make the switch to runway more of a jump in features. For me I prefer runway because of the routing and it not creating physical pages on the server, but this isn’t necessarily understood or seen by lower tech users.

    For 1 shop should not be installable on regular perch in my option. And like others have said you should be paying extra to install shop in the first place.

    Secondly I thing regular perch should be seen as a gateway to runway. You need a small 1 pager or simple multi page site with 1 level of navigation and a contact form, you can use regular perch... anything else you need runway.

    for pricing I really think they should consider a regular subscription model. (A reasonable price per year) The idea of “you only need to pay if you want to update” is odd to me. I don’t see enough new features coming out to warrant it and makes me feel as if I would be paying to fix bugs. Also it’s been seen on the forum countless times how many people just don’t update the software so I seriously question the viability of that model in the first place.

    I’ve found that one of the big advantages with perch is the sites longevity. They just last longer being influenced less by the huge number of required 3rd party themes and plugins required by other CMS’s (I’m looking at you WordPress).

    if this is the case a yearly subscription would clearly bring in more revenue. It would also get clients thinking more about their sites in a regular basis maybe discovering new updates and features as the come out.

    Or you can default them to pending status, create an app that tracks member validation, sends an email with unique hash linked to the member. When the user clicks the link they get validated and the pending status removed.