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    Thanks for your tips. Yes, I should not have mentioned editing the **** files... never have before.

    Thing is, you used to be able to edit the lang txt file to change this and you can still change all the other headings and buttons within the app. Not a big deal really. Certainly not worth changing to Runway or spending more time on.

    As for comparing the Blog App to repeating content lists/regions etc, not really the same out of the box.

    For some things yes, they are useful. We have tried both and built over 25 sites, with Runway too.

    In the past, we have had success with editing the lang txt file (en-gb.txt) to rename menu options and buttons inside an app, such as Blog. This still works, but for some reason, we can't rename the actual nav link "Blog".

    1. "Blog": "Projects",

    Does this no longer load from the txt file in the app folder? We looked into the core file but can't see any Blog reference. Any help appreciated.

    Suggest this as a future add on, to be able to rename app link name in CMS - to make it easier for clients.