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    It is ok I fixed it, thanks.

    Hi there,

    New to Perch CMS, been playing about over the past few weeks with. One thing I can't seem to get in Events is a specific number of upcoming events on the home page.

    I am trying to show 3 upcoming events on the home page of the website using the perch_events_custom tag:

    1. <?php perch_events_custom(array(
    2. 'sort' => 'eventDateTime',
    3. 'sort-order' => 'ASC',
    4. 'template' => 'events/listing/homepage_event-day.html',
    5. 'count' => 3
    6. )); ?>

    I have altered the template to just show the title, date and description so it looks simple.

    I've read you cannot use the past-events with custom so just wondering what is the best method use to only show upcoming events only?

    Any help would be much appreciated.