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    Were you able to find a solution for this?

    One of my clients is receiving dozens of spam registrations and there doesn't appear to be a quick way to resolve it.

    Unfortunately no, I've just been manually deleting them from my database every so often. The good thing is, you can typically search for an extra bit of code that the spam bots are injecting into the member properties field ("submit":"Register") and that will pull them up for deletion. I also have set maximums on the input name and email fields where the bots are usually forcing a lot of text. You can alternatively search for names and emails with sketchy URLs in them like .ru or other foreign addresses - those are usually spam.


    It doesn't currently, only Perch Forms unfortunately.

    Shoot. Any ideas for potential solutions? I've tried form validations, character limitations, Akismet, and even honeypot fields, but it seems like any sort of spam filter needs a place to dump spam members like the form system has (but it doesn't). At this point, even something that blocks the spammers and doesn't put them into another "bucket" would suffice - I'm drowning in hundreds of spam accounts on my SQL server.

    Thanks for the shoutout Clive!

    Any questions, let me know.

    Hey Ryan,

    Does this app work with the Perch Members / Shop Customers registration forms too? I don't think those have a spam section, so I was wondering if this was only for custom Forms such as contact submissions.

    I'm getting a lot of spam member signups lately and it's clogging up my SQL server. I currently use Akismet on my contact forms, but is it possible to integrate Akismet or some other type of spam filter to the name and email input fields of a Member signup form?

    I currently have a system that sells to both consumers and businesses. If a member login is tagged as a dealer, then they see trade pricing and can purchase as such. The problem with this is that they are still charged the same taxes as consumers. This is not legal in the USA, as sales tax does not apply to wholesalers who will then sell to consumers (that pay taxes).

    Is there a way to set a different (tax exempt) tax rate for members with specific tags or that have trade pricing activated? The only thing I can think of at the moment is having a promotion code applied in the background that subtracts the tax percentage, but since the promotion system still doesn't allow multiple promo codes, they would be unable to take advantage of any additional discounts simultaneously.

    This is fantastic! I'd love to see where this project leads - my current workaround with comments is alright, but has some bugs with Runway.