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    hus_hmd I totally agree that Shop should be a paid add on. It is a massive undertaking. I have no problem adding that to the bill for my clients. They want a shop they should have to pay for it.
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    Replied to the thread Perch v4 license model.
    I must admit, I haven't got much to add. I think the points covered by hus_hmd and Tobe echo my thoughts. We all want Perch to succeed and we're all very excited to see improvements on the details that really improve the overall product.

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    I might be in the minority, but I spent a great deal of time researching CMS systems about 3 years ago because I wanted to find one solution that would work for my small practice. After spending literally days doing cost/ benefit and pros / cons I went…
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    There is so much support for Perch, everyone (in the Slack group) wants it to succeed and grow. The current buy once and receive free support/updates forever obviously isn't sustainable. I welcome a move to an annual license update.

    However, it really…
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    Replied to the thread Google Recaptcha integration.
    (Quote from simplesprout)


    It doesn't currently, only Perch Forms unfortunately.