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    No I have it set to 3, then I removed it entirely so it used the default 30. I did this before I commented out the line as I wondered if this was the cause. But it seemed to still have an issue until i commented it out. I saw when testing that the old revisions remained in the database but when it ran the code (untouched) it seemed to remove the last/latest revision from the database completely, thus then appearing as thought it had been remove it from the collection. Only what occurs is that the last (current) revision is gone. It feels like a bug, but I could be mistaken.

    drewm and core team. I have been working with the api today and specifically updating entries in a collection.
    I hit a problem that halted me for several hours. In that when I was trying to update an entry, the entry was simply being removed from the collection.
    After much debugging and assistance from hus_hmd, I believe the problem lies in the `PerchCollectionImporter.class.php` file on line 127.

    When I commented out this line [tt]$Collection->create_new_revision($Item);[/tt] - everything worked as expected and collection items were updated and no longer removed.

    I am hoping that this issue can be resolved and updated in the core so I don't need to update this each time I update the core.

    So with the help of hus_hmd (massively appreciated). I believe I have this working, with the exception of what appears to be a significant bug in the Perch PerchCollectionImporter.class.php.

    Here is my final code.

    I am going to raise a separate post to alert Perch of the bug.

    Quick question. Is there a way to update the content of perch field via php on the front-end?

    I have a number of places remaining field that I want to deplete by one when a user books a place.
    The field called event_spaces_remaining and currently is a number field. It just contains a single number (e.g. 12)
    I am not using Perch Forms at the moment. I’m hoping I don't have to migrate it all over to perch forms.

    I am thinking this might be possible with the API but I am unsure on how to achieve this. If anyone can clarify this would be possible and perhaps steer me in the right direction?


    domain https://www.geomatrix.loc
    url https://www.geomatrix.loc/land…cts/electromagnetic/kt20/
    sitename Geomatrix Earth Science Limited
    description Geomatrix are Milton Keynes based company specialising in the sale and rental of Geophysical{...}
    sharing_image /assets/img/social-sharing-default.jpg
    twittername @GeomatrixES
    perch_page_path /land-products/electromagnetic/kt20
    product KT20
    _id 289
    question Geode Seismograph is automatically triggering
    _title Geode Seismograph is automatically triggering

    Been a while since I used Perch Runway.
    Anyone able to help shed some light on this? I am trying to use a related collection, which is working but the blocks within the related items are not showing....

    here is the gist:


    <perch:related id="faqs" collection="FAQ's" label="FAQ's" sort="custom" >

    <details class="expandingBlock // application-notes__item">

    <summary class="expandingBlock__title // application-notes__title"><perch:content id="question" type="text" label="Question" required="true" title="true" /></summary>

    <div class="expandingBlock__content">

    <perch:template path="content/blocks/content-primary.html" />





    If I stick a <perch:showall> then I get the following back, so it looks accessible.
    The question field is pulling through ok for each item. but none of the blocks.....

    I have a large collection that I have just added a new field to that I want to do a negative filter on. However, the following does not work:

    This I believe is because the new field 'super_sponsor' doesn't exist. If I save one entry this this does appear in the list filter above.
    However, with over 3K entries I cannot save each on individually. So how can I filter these out or how can I re-save all the collection items en-mass?


    Assets are missing in one bucket and not being rendered in either the CP or the front-end. I have check the folder on the server and these assets do exist.
    I have also tested this both locally, and live.
    I have tried the following `perch/core/apps/assets/reindex/` from another thread but this appears to not do anything, as in I get the Perch CP wrapper but a white screen in the content area.

    How can I get these assets to re0index and get picked up, I really don't want to have to upload them all and re-add them to the various places in the content.
    here is what I see in the CP: