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    I hope I am not just missing something but is there a way to select all of the images in the Gallery plugin? I have over 100 images and I can only select them one at a time to delete them.


    Thanks Drew. That wasn't the exact answer but it led to a fix.

    The album description field is generated automatically by the system for an album and I didn't think that I needed to do anything but query it. It turns out that by not defining the type, it somehow made the system add the tags to the text. I just added the type as you have and the tags went away. Leave it to us who have no idea what they are doing to break it.

    Edit: Looking at the source code, it now adds an empty <p></p> tag to the html. I am sure I am doing something backwards.

    I am calling the album here:

    1. <?php perch_gallery_album_images(perch_get('s'), [
    2. 'template' => 'project_list_image.html',
    3. ]); ?>

    And this is the project_list_image.html template:


    I'm sure this is a naive question. I am using the Gallery add-on to generate a photo album and am using the album description. For some reason the HTML tag from the markdown is being rendered. For example, when I input "This is a description" in the album description it renders "<p>This is a description</p>". If I add a hashtag to the text, "#This is a description", it renders "<h1>This is a description</h1>". I know why the tags are changing but can't figure out why they are there. I also use the album title with no issue.

    Changing the tags in the template change the output as expected. For instance changing the <p> to an <h1> renders a title.

    Here is the template code:

    1. <perch:before>
    2. <h1><perch:gallery id="albumTitle" /></h1>
    3. <p><perch:gallery id="description" /></p>
    4. </perch:before>

    Thank you in advance,