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    Count me in as well!

    Last year I launched a site that included a fairly complicated estimate request form. The form allows end users to upload images of damage to their vehicle along with a load of other data. To handle the way images were managed I wrote a custom app to take the result of the form submission, process it and attach all the images into a nicely templated email. This works perfectly.

    To make use of Perch's built in validation I use two apps in the form tag.

    1. <perch:form id="estimate_form" app="perch_forms epicfox_mailer" role="form" method="post" class="has-dropzone">

    The form submission has, unsurprisingly, started attracting a lot of spam. It has a honeypot field and recently I installed reCatptcha v2 but spam was still getting through daily.

    I suggested we move on to try Akismet but during setup something occurred to me.

    Do multiple apps in the form tag get processed sequentially and does validation failure or a positive spam result from one prevent the processing of the next? I'm starting to think that this is not always the case and that the spam result from the system is being ignored when my app kicks in.

    Does anyone have a view or definitive answer to this?

    Is it possible to get the result of the previous apps validation and/or spam result so i can check it before sending my email?

    Thanks in advance.

    I've recently installed your excellent reCaptcha v3 plugin but my customer is now saying that too many genuine submissions are getting marked as spam. How do I tweak the threshold? I could not find anything in the Google console. Have I missed something obvious?

    I have an older plugin that works with v2 (in a very similar way to Ryan's - using a redispatch) and I've not any complaints about that.