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    Here is the debug message

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    0.003 get_route(): ">Matched route: categorised/[slug:path]
    0.0001 Using master page: /templates/pages/shop/products/product-categorised-master.php
    0 Page arguments:
    1. Array
    2. ( [0] => /categorised/sero-pressure-cushions [path] => sero-pressure-cushions [1] => sero-pressure-cushions
    3. )
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    Thanks for the reply and explaining the logic. I have moved the perch:noresults to the product list template.

    My results now are:

    category (with no sub cat) > products list > the product page - working

    category (with sub cat) > subcategory list > perch:noresults message (Sorry etc)

    eg: Pressure cushions > Sero Pressure Cushions > Sorry, …

    I get this for any subcategory even though there are products there.

    I am not sure what I am missing as this must be being used for any shop with sub-categories.

    Hi Hussein

    I do not get a PHP error, so I get the body top/bottom etc but no product list.

    The template:

    1. <perch:before><ul>product-sub-category.html</perch:before>
    2. <li style="margin-left: <perch:category id="catDepth" type="hidden" />0px;">
    3. <a href="/categorised/<perch:category id="catSlug" />"><h4><perch:category id="catTitle" /></h4></a>
    4. <img src="<perch:category id="image" type="image" label="Image" width="200" />" alt="<perch:category type="text" id="alt" label="Description"/>" />
    5. <perch:category id="desc" type="textarea" html="true"/>
    6. </li>
    7. <perch:after></ul></perch:after>
    8. <perch:noresults>
    9. Sorry, there are no items currently available.
    10. </perch:noresults>

    The debug Message:

    Thanks for any help.


    I now have this almost working.

    Using routes:



    on my sub-category master page:

    So click any top level link and then…

    category (with no sub cat) > products list > the product page - working

    category (with sub cat) > subcategory list > no products listing

    I have tried using a second master page 'categorised' with the same routes and master page code but still the products are not listing.

    To test, if on the second 'categorised' page I use:

    1. perch_shop_products([
    2. 'template' => 'products/list.html',
    3. 'category' => 'products/pressure-cushions/'
    4.       // 'category' => $catPath
    5. ]);

    The products in the coded category are listing.

    I must be missing something,

    Any help appreciated.


    Hi Hussein

    Thank you for your reply. I have been trying to get this to work with my limited PHP knowledge.

    If I hard code the $catPath = 'products/shoes/'; then I can get this to work. My knowledge falls short of being able to get the path from the top-level link so that this is a dynamic link.

    Is this possible or should I be using pages for each top-level category?


    Hi all

    I am having some difficulties with understanding how to achieve listing the sub-categories linked from one top category.

    What I have working so far

    1) I have all of my top level [0] only categories listed using

    1. perch_categories([
    2. 'template' => 'product-category.html',
    3. 'set' => 'products',
    4. 'filter' => 'catParentID',
    5. 'match' => 'eq',
    6. 'value' => 0,
    7. ]);

    In the template I have a link around the catTitle

    1. <a href="/category/<perch:category id="catSlug" />"><h4><perch:category id="catTitle" /></h4></a>

    2) I have a page 'category' with a route of category/[slug:cat]

    1. perch_shop_products([
    2. 'category' => 'products/'.perch_get('cat'),
    3. ]);

    This is listing any products in the category and when clicked works correctly taking you to the product page.

    What I am having difficulties with

    I also have sub-categories and so I will need another step:

    Click on a top category > displays only those sub-categories > click on a sub-category displays list of products.

    I have looked everywhere for a solution so any help would be appreciated.



    I have been building a Runway site using the and am looking into how to generate PDF's of the order for the customer to download/print.

    I found 'pdfmake' which seems to fit the bill but before getting into the learning curve, can anyone else suggest the best way to go about this?



    Having hidden the billing address from the template order_address_form.html

    I cannot make the default billing address to be always the correct address if another address has been added, as this may be the first in the list shown.

    How can I get the template to input a value for "billing" of ( addressID that has the addressSlug ID = default.)

    in place of:

    <perch:input type="radio" id="billing" value="<perch:address id="addressSlug"/>" />

    Any suggestions appreciated.


    Hi hus_hmd

    Thanks for your reply.

    I have tried your suggestion, but I am running into difficulties.

    The issue is that if, for example, a customer has 3 addresses in the address book, which have not been set, the perch_shop_order_address_form( ) displays 6 instances of the addresses, 3 for billing, and 3 for shipping ready for the choice. This works but is a bit confusing, especially on a mobile device creating a lot of scrolling.

    Even if I hide the billing addresses and provide a 'Next' button, I cannot be certain that the default for billing would always be the same, as the customer can add addresses.

    In an ideal situation I would like to enable the customer to set a billing address in his address book which remains after logging out. Then just give options for delivery address during checkout.

    If this is not possible, can anyone offer suggestions about they are handling the choice of addresses in a customer friendly way?



    I am using Runway with Shop

    Currently I have the following checkout flow:

    New customer registers billing and shipping address and logs out.

    Customer logs in and adds to cart.

    Customer shown cart and then checks out.

    Customer shown static cart, radio buttons to select address for billing and shipping.

    Customer selects addresses and is then shown selected addresses.

    Customer pays.

    I am using.

    I would like to modify the behaviour of the checkout stage so that the customer is always shown the registered address for billing and shipping. I would then provide a link to 'Change' the addresses if required which takes them to a page with the perch_shop_order_address_form().

    This would remove a step to select addresses for most customers. How can the registered addresses be 'set' by default?



    Thanks for the replies. When I said ' with the same content being shared on both websites' I meant that the Perch content was the same on each website, but the branding, and other website content would be different - sorry, I didn’t make it clear.

    I will try linking to the sites to the same database and see how I get on.



    I have a customer who wants two websites on different domains, both to be hosted on the same server.

    Only one Control Panel is required with the same content being shared on both websites.

    I am looking for advice on the best way to configure this. I see that Runway has headless requests, but I have no experience with this and not sure it would be the best option.

    I have tried searching the forum but not found anything to lead me in the right direction.



    Hi Drew

    If I buy a Runway V3 license today, will there be a cost to upgrade it to V4?

    Is there an approximate date for the release of V4 yet?

    Thanks Hussein

    This would be for a relatively small number of products that qualify for VAT relief and there are so many reasons to use Perch Shop that I think I will proceed and find a solution later.

    There is always a work around, and I can bring it back to the forum for ideas later.

    Thanks Drew

    Does it sound like it could be added as a custom change if it becomes an issue for me? It would seem to me that the issue is the ability to change the VAT rate for products that are tagged as 'changeable' in some way. This to be changed by the customers check box selection. The forms and forwarding should be straightforward.


    I am looking at using Perch Shop with Runway for a new site. The site sells some products which have 'relief from VAT for disabled and older people'.

    The sites I have seen use the following flow:

    On the “Basket” page of the website a VAT exemption check box is provided if the basket contains any product(s) that qualifies for VAT relief. The box is ticked to reveal a VAT exemption claim form. Once completed the customer is returned to the basket/checkout and VAT is not charged for qualifying items.

    I don't need detailed instructions at this stage, just asking if this would be possible with the current version.