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    Hey Perch Community,

    I'm wondering if you can use a Perch select box to trigger an if statement? I'm using it to switch between multiple choice or true of false questions on an exam. Below is my code so far...

    1. <perch:content id="type" type="select" label="Type of exam question" options="Multiple Choice|multiplechoice, True or False|trueandfalse" allowempty="false" required suppress>

    Below are my if statements...

    1. <perch:if id="type" options="Multiple Choice|multiplechoice">
    2.     <!-- My Multiple Choice Code -->
    3. </perch:if>
    4. <perch:if id="type" options="True or False|trueandfalse">
    5. <!-- My True or False Code -->
    6. </perch:if>

    I know this can easily be done with checkboxes, but I'm wondering if it's also feasible with a select box.

    Thanks in advance!

    Cheers, Matt