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    Thank You Clive! (You Rock!) :love:

    Yes, I went into the file you described, and sure enough, there is my license key!

    And right next to it is one of the email addresses we use for our business!

    Although there must not be a Perch CMS account attached to this email address, because the "Forgot Password" system still doesn't issue a password reset email for this address.

    I'm wondering if the license key and email address ever got bonded? Maybe I bought the license before account registration was a thing?

    The bottom line is: I have my license key! Thank you so much :thumbup:

    Now the next part, how do I add this license key to my Perch CMS account?

    Every option I encounter deals with PURCHASING a new license.

    I'm simply trying to add my existing license to the Perch Account system so that I have access to the downloadable material that Drew describes. (And of course confirm that I'm a Perch owner)

    Is there a special URL link that I need to visit to add this key? Or do I need to transmit this key to an admin like Drew? And if so, what's the best way of transmitting this key?

    Thank you again for your help Clive, this really helped me move forward! :)

    Hi Drew,

    I still need help retrieving the license I bought for Perch years ago. As I explained earlier, I just created THIS Perch account.

    Unfortunately resetting the password to THIS account had no positive impact, as I already have access to it.

    What I'm looking to accomplish is retrieve my license I purchased years ago.

    The license must not be attached to this email account, otherwise it would be present in account details.

    Which means it's necessary to locate my license a different way, so that I have access to downloadable materials you describe.

    I have (at least) 7 other email addresses we can try, if that is your preferred method of researching my license.

    Do I provide these addresses in this forum post, or am I supposed to transmit them a different way?

    It seems to me this process would be much faster if I could simply extract my license from my existing Perch setup.

    I have FTP access to the backend of our website, how do I help you locate this information?

    I appreciate your help!

    Yes, I did purchase it originally.

    Our password sheet didn't have any information about our Perch account, we believe the website was setup over 10 years ago.

    So I tried using the "Forgot Password" feature on the Perch CMS website, but never received password reset emails on any of the email addresses that I provided.

    It makes me wonder if the college kids we hired to assemble our website might have used their email addresses instead?

    Where would I go in my Perch website to acquire more information about the license they installed?

    Are you able to locate a license key in your records for Creekside Pizza in Ashland, Oregon in the United States?

    I also have FTP access to the backend of our site. Is it possible the license is embedded in one of the PHP files inside?

    Thank you for helping us with this project! :)

    Hi Drew, thank you for responding!

    I don't see any downloads in my account, truthfully this account was just recently created.

    How would I go about transferring my existing Perch license from my website to the Perch Account system, so that I can access the resource you describe?

    I really appreciate your help, thank you!

    I bought Perch YEARS ago, and I'm transferring my website from Yahoo Small Business to Google Cloud Compute. Trying to stay within their Free Tier package, and I'm trying to locate an older version of the Perch software, specifically version 2.4.5, since that it what the website is currently running on, and I'm trying to keep the installation as "lite" as possible.

    How would I go about locating and downloading this older version of your software? Thank You! :)