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    I've just started looking at a multi-language site, so would be interested in any example code or pointers to follow on this.
    I think I will follow strategy two.
    So any help with how to start this I'd be most grateful

    Is there anyway to search or sort blog posts then, in standard Perch?
    If its a case of only available in Perch RunWay, then someone needs to explain to me the difference between Perch and Runway. I can't find any benefits having read about them so far.
    It comes across like runway is for 'bigger' sites, but why on earth a simple "search for post" in Admin or "Sort by Name" in blog admin isn't available as standard is a bit bizare. Surely Runway gives us more than just this small benefit?

    tbh, I dont think I really understand what Runway is :(

    Thanks Byron, never knew this, otherwise would have tried. Suppose I should have thought more logically and realised Perch had debug mode.

    Anyway, I set this up and tried debug when saving a blog post.
    It generated a log message, could not see any errors. Most of the message seemed to confirm data was being saved to the DB as desired.
    But still no green "success" message at the top.
    Let me double check if I can upgrade perch 1 version, and see if that fixes it. I don't think there is a blog app update over what I already have installed.

    Hi Perch fans,
    I do apologise for a trivial question, I did search online and in the forum and couldn't find anything.
    Blog App: When I save a post, there is no notification on screen to say the post was saved. The screen just jumps from the bottom, to the top and that is it.
    On Perch: Content I receive the green "Success" message when saving content.
    Is this how perch:blog works, or would there be a problem with my install and setup somewhere?

    Perch: 3.1.4 and Blog: 5.6.1.
    No Chrome console errors. Using a customised post.php page.