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    I'm nearly done building a shop using Perch (not Runway). Client will be selling digital products. When I'm in the Perch admin and trying to add the files to the individuals products, I am getting an error message.

    Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function index() on null in /home/rrwuxefn/public_html/ Stack trace: #0 /home/rrwuxefn/public_html/ include() #1 /home/rrwuxefn/public_html/ include('/home/rrwuxefn/...') #2 {main} thrown in /home/rrwuxefn/public_html/ on line 60

    I created a bucket for the downloadable files, and when I add a downloadable file via the Assets section, using FTP I see the file in the bucket directory, so that is working fine.

    I'm really hoping someone can help me because I've already spent an incredible amount of time building this thing for my client and I'm so close to being done!

    Here is my diagnostic report:

    I have post tag links at the bottom of each blog post, and in the sidebar I have widgets with lists of blog categories and blog tags.

    The links for the category and tag lists in the sidebar work fine on the blog post list page (index.php) and the archive page.

    For example:

    On the single post page, however, they appear to be relative to the post URL.


    Code for category list widget:

    1. <perch:before>
    2. <h3 class="widget-title">Categories</h3>
    3. <ul>
    4. </perch:before>
    5. <li><a href="archive.php?cat=<perch:category id="catSlug" />"><perch:category id="catTitle" /> <span>(<perch:category id="" when-empty="0" />)</span></a></li>
    6. <perch:after></ul></perch:after>

    And code for tag list widget:

    1. <perch:before>
    2. <h3 class="widget-title ">Tags</h3>
    3. <div class="tagcloud">
    4. </perch:before>
    5. <a href="archive.php?tag=<perch:blog id="tagSlug" />" rel="tag"><perch:blog id="tagTitle" /></a>
    6. <perch:after></div></perch:after>

    Please let me know if there is any other info you need to help me figure this out. Thank you.

    I am using Perch 3.1.5.

    I tried creating a test post and uploading an image but when I click the link to upload an image to Assets and add to the blog, nothing happens.

    Everything else seems to work fine. I'm running Perch successfully on another site, so I don't know what I did differently to cause this to happen with the new site.

    Thanks for your help with this issue. -- Linda