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    I mean that comments are available to those who have perch editor access through a login and password... comments should also only be given 'draft' status until overseer has reviewed... like this forum...

    Client wants to know whether the blog addon allows for member-filter comments. Do you know the answer? I don't have time to build out a whole page. I actually have to meet with client tonight and I was hoping the DEMO ( would suffice to show.

    I like Perch but it's a hard sell to clients because no one knows of it's existence... and there's not enough information online to point to.

    Thanks in advance for your reply

    I've been trying for a couple of days to get a demo site going so I can demonstrate Perch to clients. The submit seems to generate an endless loop and I don't get any further. Can I get a response on whether there is an issue with the DEMO site?

    DEMO site does not seem to be working at the moment.

    I'm trying to give a client an overview of Perch and, short of building out the entire interface, I need some information that they would find useful. I've tried searching online for reviews of Perch CMS and they aren't very numerous. I also am facing a lot of resistance from client org by individuals who think that Perch can't be a rigorous enough CMS because it doesn't have the street cred of Wordpress or Drupal. I hate code bloat and that's why I like Perch and the use-case here will probably be a blog-type application with facilitated commenting: but how to convince the lay user that Perch is able?

    Any suggestions?

    They are unique. Here is a sample for one of the contacts. Action of form is difficult to understand and I'm still not sure about what I'm seeing. I don't know whether Perch is able to handle this type of query... multiple individual forms. Right now, I'm in a local development and can't really test the email forwarding setting. If this is something Perch should be able to handle, I'll try to place on the staging site but, currently behaviour is somewhat odd: multiple duplicate messages for each form. I don't know whether I'm missing something on how Perch handles contact querying...

    I've created several forms for contacting each member of the client organization individually, including a 'tester' form. Every field id is unique and related to the contact form for the individual member. When I fill in the fields on the tester form, all the fields in all the other forms are also filled with exact same info. This would seem to indicate that creating forms with unique field ids is not the solution. The page can default back to replicate the current contact page on current site... but, if Perch CMS can handle this scenario as a group of contact forms, that would be preferable to our intent.

    Any other ideas would be welcome... Thanks in advance.

    The original website has a contact page with this content:

    which is to say: many different email contacts for each member of the organization. The question is: can I create a separate contact form for each of the individual members of organization which will then be receivable inside of their individual email accounts -- using the Perch contact form addon. I'm guessing, if this is at all possible, it is complicated.

    The website I am working on has a contact page that connects to a number of different persons (the current site exposes individual emails and telephone numbers). Is it possible, using the Perch forms addon to explicitly connect a separate email path for each individual? At the moment, I can provide unique ids for each email contact, but I can't separate these in the control panel section of the site in order to have each contact email directed to each contact. The documentation talks about using 'separate scripting' in connection with forms and adding 'action' to the form but I'm looking for advice on how best to create a contact page using the specific criteria I face. This is a church website with at least 12 individual contact emails and a desire to have each contact have it's own email contact form/action.