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    Hi Hussein,

    So I've been thinking on this and looking at collections. Taking the first part of your suggestion – If I were to make the profiles a collection, collect all of the relevant data including the image, and link the relevant profile to each member, I understand with that how I could create their profile in the collection myself and link the profile to the member from the admin. What I don't grasp is how I would then provide them with a form on the site, like the member registration/profile form, that lets them populate / update their own profile in collections without them accessing the admin? Creating the form template for this is fine, but would this require a custom app to send the data to the collection? I'm struggling to find a relevant example of something like this. Apologies, I didn't really grasp the need for using the collection import API.



    Hi Clive, I'm currently looking for exactly that solution for an events site. The client has requested that moving forward the exhibitors update their own listings, including logo, and they already have member login for viewing private pages. Problem is it's an imminent need, but if it were in development or could be turned around fairly soon I'd be happy to look at contributing to the cost.

    I have an event site that currently uses the members app to allow companies to log-in and view private content. Additionally, I have a list of these same companies appearing at the event (including a logo, company name, biography) that is maintained by the site admin and uploaded as normal content.

    There is a need now for companies to be able to log-in and update their own profiles. Initially I thought the neatest solution would be to add the necessary fields to the existing member registration / profile forms on the front-end and add matching fields to the members.html to display in the admin. Using a third-party app (dh_member_profiles) I can loop through, and output, all of the members. However I quickly realised that this wasn't going to work as the front-end members form doesn't appear to support the processing of image / file uploads. I feel I may be wasting my time trying to get the members app to do this and I've come across a few fairly old forum posts about this that lead to a dead end (because the members app doesn't support image uploads). Is there a way, or workaround, to get this to work (as it otherwise appears to be a nice solution)?

    The only other approach I could think of was to create each of the companies as a user (approx 100 of them), only allow them to create or edit their own profile page and then pull all of these pages together into a single listing page using perch_content_custom(). This feels a bit clunky in comparison to the members route (not least because they already all have members logins and now will have admin logins also) but I can't think of another way of approaching it.

    Any suggestions or steer in the right direction would be much appreciated.