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    I am trying to create an HMTL template for autoresponders in perch forms addon.
    I created the template and uploaded it to the templates/forms dir. When i select Email Template select box in the cms settings of the form i don't see the select box listing my templates. It just says "plain text only" and "no template".
    ANy ideas?

    Hi i am using teh perch twitter app and this pioece of code in the FE:

    perch_twitter_get_latest(array('twitter_id'=>'@Swallowtailhill', 'exclude_replies'=>1, 'count'=>1), true);

    However, this doesn't return anything. If i do this i get some results (up the count)

    perch_twitter_get_latest(array('twitter_id'=>'@Swallowtailhill', 'exclude_replies'=>1, 'count'=>10), true);

    It also doesnt return the latest ones, but like the 3rd latest. In teh admin its accurate . Why is this - what is going wrong here?


    Hi All

    Thanks for your comments. I do have the mailchimp app working but its just the interests that don't work.

    I think i have found a bug with the interests in the app - I will investigate further and if needed will add a fix and let perch know...

    Thanks all


    I am using the mailchimp addon to create a subscription form with interests from a group setup in mailchimp.

    I have added the interest ID's to each checkbox input field like:

    <perch:input type="checkbox" id="business" value="01634926cb" mailer="interests"><label>East Sussex business news and success stories</label></perch:input>
              <perch:input type="checkbox" id="commercial" value="a87d1ef29a" mailer="interests"><label>Commercial property news and developments</label></perch:input>
              <perch:input type="checkbox" id="events" value="7a1bd93f79" mailer="interests"><label>Events</label></perch:input>

    Initially this seemed to work, but no longer does. Is this not correct? i followed the documentation...


    Hi Drew

    We actually have a dedicated server so the hosts aren't that helpful as its our server.

    However, they have set the permissions as requested but we still see this error - can you think of anything else that may be causing this?



    I am attempting to create a page but keep getting this error - Folder is not writable: /var/www/html

    I checked on the server and the permissions seem to be 0777

    What can be causing this?