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    Hi there,

    I've updated an older site to Perch V3 and in the process added the Mailchimp add on. However I cannot get the form to work and not sure what steps I may have missed?

    Here is is what I've tried so far.

    1. Set up new Free mail chimp account with one audience
    2. Updated my site to latest version of Perch, Mailchimp add on and PHP 7 on the server
    3. Installed mail chip and added the API key to my dashboard
    4. Set up the example subscription form here: Mailchimp Test and included the Mailchimp embedded form
    5. Checked the Webhooks are right on the site and in Mailchimp dashboard.
    6. Checked that the API is logging the API requests at the right times, which it is

    The Perch example form doesn't work locally or live but the Mailchimp example does when I try to add a new user.

    Have I missed any steps?

    Thanks in advance

    I haven't built a perch site since version 2 and noticed there are a few structural changes such as categories.

    I want to build a really simple portfolio that lists out a gallery of title, image and excerpt and link through to a page of detailed content i.e. example

    I'd like the url to be domain/case-studies/casestudy-title

    What is the best way to do with with V3?

    I tried pages/subpages but I was just duplicating regions every new page, I wanted it to be more a preset load of fields. I'll admit I may have forgot a few things in my time away from perch :S

    Thanks in advance

    Thanks for your suggestions and I tried both but still not quite there.

    I deleted and added again the region and this didn't change anything. The maps functions on the admin side but just not on the frontend. When I tried Hussein's Idea I had two api calls on the page, when I take it out I have none.

    From what I can track down looking at the console the API key isn't getting passed to the frontend. The map is working as behind the "development purpose only" messages the locators are in the right place.

    Thanks Drew for the Geolocation APi, I added that and got the map working in the v3 Admin.

    However, I'm still getting mixed messages on the front end that my API key is not being passed through. I have added it to the config.php as

    define('PERCH_GMAPS_API_KEY', 'A****Y');

    I've republished my pages to and couldn't see any changes in the new v3 Maps.html template.

    Have I missed some other file that needs updated ?

    I have updated an old site from perch v2 -> v3 by changing code, deleting unnecessary apps and updating my forms.

    However, I cannot get the maps field to work and wondered if I have missed any sets?

    - I've created a new API key in my console and set up billing restricted it to HTTPS And the Maps aPI and Static Maps API

    - I've added that key on to a URL and tried restricted and unrestricted access.

    I can get the perch map to show as a static map in the cms but it won't pick up the postcode. On the front end it isn't picking up the map at all, just displaying the error version.

    I've also tried republishing pages and checking the right key is in my diagnostitcs page.

    Have I missed something simple?


    Hi there,

    I have a number of Perch licences on early versions of perch and a few spare. I tried to log into my account on the main site but it won't let me access the site. I tried the password reset too and nothing has been sent out or to my Spam.

    Is there a way someone can help me get back into my account please?