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    I think you have misunderstood what a TLD is. In the example above the TLD's you are using are .ca and .net. The local perch keys will not work with this. To use perch with a local key you will need to use one of the TLD's that Drew mentioned above. For example your sandboxes could use;



    As for your other three sites that will run in production, they will most likely need a license for each site. Perch lets you set a dev, staging and production environment for each license key

    Thanks for the reply Byron, it's helpful.

    Thanks for the reply.

    Are these the specific strings in their entirety, or are they sub-strings of the TLD?

    I have the following scenario. How many licences do I need? There are 3 production sites.

    Website 1: -> production build

    Website 2: -> production build

    Website 3: -> production build

    Sandboxes - NO production builds:



    We would like to set up perch for three production websites, with six to nine other instances used for development purposes

    How would you recommend that we manage the licensing requirements?

    I attempted to set up Perch in one dev environment, but was blocked due, presumably, to it not being localhost.