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    Thanks so much. The template files were where the problem was. I put in the new "redactor" editor and all worked properly.

    Thanks again!

    This must be the problem. This is what I have in my page code:

    <h1><?php perch_content('Rooms Heading'); ?></h1>

    <?php perch_content('Rooms Main');?>

    Where do I place the code you provide above? Is it replacing these codes I have copy and pasted or is this in addition?

    Do I need to upload anything else along with the core folder? In the instructions, I believe it said only to replace the core folder and did not mention uploading the other files. I left the other files in tact pretty much.

    Bummer. I tried to remove the original core folder and replaced it with the fresh one from V3, but still no luck with the WYSIWYG. Any other ideas?

    Not sure if my other post was in the correct section here, so I thought I would reach out in this section. I recently upgraded my client's Perch to V3. However, when we log in, we can only see an HTML editor and not a WISIWYG editor. What am I missing?

    Good news. We were able to log in. But now there is no WYSIWYG editor. I only see HTML. After seeing this, I thought maybe it was a conflict with the new version, so I removed the editors in the plugin folder of the website files. I saw your instructions for upgrading had recommended this. Any ideas on why the WYSIWYG editor would not be working?

    Not sure if this is the correct thread or not, but my client emailed me after about 5 years of not hearing from her. All of the sudden, she could not log in to her site. She says she only makes edits about once a year, so the problem could have been there for a while. We tried all different things and reset the password a bunch of times with no luck logging in. I read your post about php 7 and figured it must have to do with this, so I upgraded her to version 3 of Perch. However, we still cannot log in. We actually are not even receiving the reset password emails anymore now after the upgrade. Please assist.