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    I installed perch runway. I am having trouble in running it. Can someone guide me to proper installation link on xampp?

    My folder structure is as below:


    Here admin is perch runway folder

    How I tried to run it:

    Via Console
    php -S localhost:8888 -t public\admin

    Here's a video link…tysTrDS58NrKNVunA0hI/view

    Below is config file screenshot

    Also how can I access frontend also.

    Please guide.

    Thanks in advance!

    Above is my code that is working with perch runway but it imports only one product at a time and also it doesn't give any error.
    Since it imports only one products so I have created a variable named $after which I get to insert row after prev row.

    Any guess?

    Hello Guys, I am a beginner in Perch and would need your help.

    I have perch (not runway) with shop, products and orders. I need to import products via csv and following this link here :

    First of all will this work with normal perch implementation ?
    Do I need to create an app to make it work ? as here

    1. $API = new PerchAPI(1.0, 'my_importer');
    2. $Importer = $API->get('PerchShopProductImporter');

    my_importer is an app, what is PerchShopProductImporter here ? Do I need to write some code for this or it is some already built functionality that I can use to add products ? Is the quoted comment complete code ?

    Please help!

    Yes, ofcourse.

    Maybe not the cleanest code.