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  • seoMatt

    Replied to the thread Website Optimization.
    Interesting article thanks for passing it on. I do a lot of my own testing in my environment so I was wondering if anyone else had any sage advice. I get tired of optimizing and testing at the end of a project
  • seoMatt

    Replied to the thread Christmas Light Installer.
    Drew is correct. I did not make it so there was a forced page reload once the website dropped under 767px. I had it in the file originally but opted against it. I really think the only people that take browser windows and re-size are web developers. …
  • seoMatt

    Posted the thread Website Optimization.
    Since this is the General Discussions section I figured I would post here as it is off topic and not related to Perch directly.

    I do a lot of testing to try and help my sites load faster and I wanted to know if anyone else here has utilized "preload"…
  • seoMatt

    Posted the thread Christmas Light Installer.
    I just finished a project that was fun. I'm a fan of the menu on this project especially on bigger screens. I also used a subtle color change animation on the logo which is the first time I've added any type of animation to an SVG file so that was…
  • seoMatt

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    Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to share a new image optimization app similar to perch_kraken, except it uses the Tinify API to optimize images (free upto 500/month);

    It can be configured to optimize images directly when uploading or it can also be setup to…
  • seoMatt

    Replied to the thread New image optimization app.
    Jordin, Very Cool. Do you feel like Tinify works better than Kracken? Is that why you wrote the app?

    I will be watching it and testing it on a few projects to see how it works. Great work
  • seoMatt

    Replied to the thread Welcome to the new Perch forum.
    Thank you Drew. I wanted to drop kick the spammers, so I'm glad we have a new system. Might take me a little bit to get comfortable with new things, but I'm open to anything so long as I don't have to deal with the spammers