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    drewm / rachelandrew

    Here are some of the PHP 7.4 compatibility issues the community spotted so far:
    1. PerchUtil::safe_stripslashes() uses get_magic_quotes_gpc(), which is a deprecated function.
    2. PHP 7.4 is now strict about the order of the parameters
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    First let me say a big THANK YOU, to the Perch team for making the 3.1.6 update a reality.

    This was a really nice thing to do and has allayed my personal concerns regarding future compatibility.

    I think the answer is clear, first-party add-on's are…
  • seoMatt

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    I feel that Perch and Runway are quite stable and I'm planning to continue using them for sites (assuming that they are a good fit for each project of course).

    Having said that, it does become more difficult to convince clients when they see Perch…
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    Liked JayW’s post in the thread Any Version 4 News?.
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    (Quote from TheOldDesigner)

    Are dinner plates really smashing around us? Websites crashing on the floor in pieces? I'm not seeing that. Remember it doesn't need to do everything under sun, it's a platform you can extend however you like. V3 did bring…
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    Liked drewm’s post in the thread Any Version 4 News?.
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    Hi all. Thanks for your understanding with this. My first priority is getting Perch and Runway working correctly with PHP 7.4, and then moving our addons on top GitHub and making them available for PRs.

    The reality of this process is that PRs need…
  • seoMatt

    Replied to the thread Any Version 4 News?.
    rachelandrew My main question is will you make sure that Perch keeps pace with PHP? I like it and want to continue using it but as PHP versions advance there have been issues that pop up with Perch. Perfect example is PHP 7.4 I have noticed a few…