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    After removing ImageMagick from PHP.INI, I've now got PDF's uploading. However, this now means that no images get a thumbnail (which kinda says GD isn't being used to thumbnail images as per Drew's explanation a while back). I guess my customer…
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    (Quote from hus_hmd)

    Thanks for your reply.

    Apparently (according to Drew in an old post) turning off ImageMagick should turn off PDF thumbnail generation, however turning it off in MAMP Pro seems to make no difference for me. I'm only suspecting this…
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    It looks like you are using Perch 1.7.3 which is very old. Your error log refers to a MySQL connection method that is now deprecated and won't work with PHP 7. As a result, apart from anything else, your site won't be able to connect to its database.

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    Hi all,

    Hopefully the hive mind can help me here.

    I'm currently moving a Perch site from one server (Windows 2012 running MAMP) to another (Windows 2019 running MAMP Pro). So far, I've got everything working as it should, with the exception of…