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    Replied to the thread Not able to log in..
    Sometimes ( i think ) it has to do with cache. I sometimes fix this with rebooting. Or if you have some control of cache clearing cache. The caches are local server cache and DNS cache on you device. Not browser cache. See if that works.
  • There are a number of approaches for this.
    1. Add a 'page' style chooser in the body element.
    2. Weave css choosers for granular control though with template inserts so you only have to write one.
    3. Add whole preset stylesheet inserts based upon client choice
  • ian Hobbs

    What are the db speeds outside of the shop? Could it be an issue with your DB? Can you post some page speeds with 3 or 6 db queries?
  • ian Hobbs

    What does your php error logs show.
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    Replied to the thread Testing on a subdomain.
    Yes perch/runway has three domain options in your licensing panel. It's worth setting up the three versions in your config as Clive mentions. So you can fluidly switch between the three versions.

    Also note that you can load other configs for each site…
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    Hi All

    I've created an initial release for an update to Perch Shop to let stripe take 3DS2 payments. You can find the repo here. Everything you need should be there, and the README provides an overview of the changes and what you need to do to get it…