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  • Do you have multiple domain names that point to the same hosting/website? For example if you own our-domain.co.uk and our-domain.com.

    If the hosting is setup for our-domain.co.uk but you also redirect our-domain.com to that hosting and keep the .com…
  • Adding perch:content within a perch:input can cause problems when Perch parses the tags during validation, so make sure it is the last thing you add and after all other attributes:
    (Code, 1 line)

    Plus I wasn't aware you're only dynamically adding…
  • pixelnaut

    Thanks for the input, that's helped me find the issue!

    It wasn't the addition of the name property rather the order of the properties I had.

    (Code, 1 line)

    but when I changed the position of the id property to before the options property (as you had…
  • I have a form very similar to yours which works fine, the only differences to your select is I have a name attribute on it. I'm also calling perch_content_custom instead of perch_content

    (Code, 2 lines)

  • pixelnaut

    Thanks hus_hmd for confirming, I understand what you've described and tried the following code, still only part works.

    form added to page using:
    (Code, 1 line)

    perch content template:
    (Code, 21 lines)

    The form renders and display as expected.

    I can…
  • Upon submission, Perch checks the submitted data against the form fields in the form template. Perch does this to validate the form.

    So when you add dynamic fields at runtime (on page load), these dynamic fields are not accessible to Perch for…
  • I haven't tried this out but you could try adding the 'file-type' attribute found on 'type="file" field types? long shot but it might work. So you'd have something like:

    (Code, 1 line)

    You could settle for using 'file' field type and forgo the…
  • pixelnaut

    I've got a form which has a select input and the options are set using a separate template and passed into the form by way of PerchSystem::set_vars. This works fine and the options are populated ok and the form is rendering as expected on the page. When…