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    I have a category called "location". A location can be California and one of its children is Los Angeles. I want to show the full direction of Los Angeles (Los Angeles, California) and that's my code but it's not working:

    (Code, 9 lines)

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    Replied to the thread SMTP EMAIL Config.
    I found the solution! There are some connection properties which are not possible to define by your API and are necessary to send emails through my email server. I had to add it in the core file perch/core/lib/PerchEmail.class.

    This is what I changed:
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    Posted the thread SMTP EMAIL Config.
    I'm trying to set up the email to send ones through my site, but when I go to Settings/Email to check if all is well implemented I get the following message: ¨SMTP Error: Could not connect to SMTP host¨. At first, I thought the data of the host could be…
  • I have an object with a category price. When a user creates a new instance of this object, it's only allowed to select one value of this category (only one price). When I want to filter my list of objects by price I get “No Results” because the…