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    (Quote from ex-jedi)

    +1 Please don't make Perch anything like Wordpress! I came to Perch because it wasn't like Wordpress (as I would think a lot of people here did).

    I like how Perch isn't bloated. I don't think add-ons need to be part of core either.…
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    Better pagination options of content items in Perch admin please, i.e.
    • being able to change the number of items (form responses, collection items, products, etc) displayed per page
    • being able display more page numbers than [1] [2] [3] ...
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    Forms App - please do keep the Akismet integration but also some built in spam prevention options would be good like a maths question controlled by the user, or recapthca (@ryan did a great job with mbk_forms).

    The honeypot field works a bit but…
  • Graham

    Replied to the thread Form submitting twice.
    Are you still getting the issue, Mike. I see that now and again. I think its the user pressing submit twice (in my case), when they think they are not getting a quick response to the submit button. It only happens to some of my sites occasionally.
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    (Quote from Clive Walker)

    Unfortunately PHP 7.1 is completely end of life so everyone should be on at least PHP 7.3 by this point.

    George G can you share some solid / estimated timelines for us customers…