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    Liked hus_hmd’s post in the thread 2020 Wrapped.
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    We all deserve a round of applause for surviving 2020. Wishing you all a happy new year! Here's the annual :burd1fly: Perch review: 2020 Wrapped

    What were your 2020 Perch wins?
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    Liked Clive Walker’s post in the thread 2020 Wrapped.
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    I'm pleased that I was able to publish 13 issues of Perchology. And continue with the Perchology Slack group.

    It was also great to build the Sheila Coates Foundation site.

    Looking forward, I hope that a decision on the future of Perch is made soon.
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    Replied to the thread importing data.
    achieved via direct manipulation of the database and an insert or two. not for the faint-hearted!
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    Posted the thread importing data.
    Using standard Perch, NOT Runway, is there a simple way to import a dataset from spreadsheet/csv file into Perch... content template has 12 fields for a straight list of items, user has maybe 100 items that they would rather not have to input manually.