Perch V4 (and future) Megathread

  • Tobe That's exactly what I want to tackle with my third point, I have a team around me in other aspects, but not with Perch here. My ideal will be to develop those members of my team to do exactly this, which should be more than feasible, it just involves exposing them to the processes, what's already underway, future plans etc.

    • Perch version 3.2, blog and the other first party addons with PHP8 - I have raised this direct with the developers this morning, they have confirmed that it should be fully compliant with PHP 8, though obviously we'd always recommend making any changes on a test environment first.

    Regarding the above comment

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  • Gareth S I have tested again and Version 8 is still not working with the Form App. All works fine with 7.4. Please advise when this will be corrected and Perch Core plus first party addons will be updated to work with Version 8?

    I have clients who will be forced into Version 8 soon and it isn't an option to tell them that the Form will not work.

  • Here is the error log. I also don't use /perch/ as my main directory I use /_cms/

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  • It would be nice, even if someone cannot help, just posted to say the reason for the delay. Have you though bringing some of the community in to answer questions might help?

  • Hi Gareth S

    Maybe to ease my worries you could put my mind to rest on a few questions I have regarding the new ownership and your role.

    1. Does Perch have a dedicated team of Developers working on it or are they shared between other businesses/projects?
    2. Will we be able to have contact with them in the future via the forum/community?
    3. Do you, yourself have technical knowledge and experience with software development?
    4. Are you all based in the UK and from the same office? (maybe not in the current climate but once we're through the pandemic)
    5. You say you have a team around you that help with other 'aspects' but not Perch. Does this mean you work for many businesses and have been bought in to answer questions on behalf of the new owners?
    6. As Perch 4 is in development, it must have talked about pricing structure going forward. Please can you share the current strategy, even if not actual prices yet? ie: 12 free month support, monthly fee, etc etc
    7. Would it be possible for you to give us a technical and more detailed report on Perch's progress on a weekly basis?

    Seeing there is quite a bit of unrest in the Perch camp, maybe now would be a good time for the owner(s)/developer(s) to join the community and share their progress/thoughts with us directly, rather than putting all the weight on your shoulders.

  • It would be nice, even if someone cannot help, just posted to say the reason for the delay. Have you though bringing some of the community in to answer questions might help?

    Agreed. As community members are handling most of the support bringing some into the loop wouldn't be a huge leap. It would help build trust in your customer base. Also, you should think of a way to reward those taking the lead with support. They've been propping up Perch for a long time without much recognition.

  • Hi All,

    TaoistTotty  ex-jedi more officially involving the community members, especially those that have provided so much support, is something I've bought up previously. Obviously over the last couple months most of the business focus has been on the development side of things, but this point won't be left by the wayside.

    JamieT I've answered where I can below, any that I'm not sure on/don't have the information as yet I will bring it up to get the answers

    1. Perch has a dedicated Technical lead - Theodora, however the team around her, whom work can and is delegated to, does work on other projects.
    2. At current we're just consolidating what we have, however there's no reason for us not to consider that going forward.
    3. Linking into point 5 - I work as a service desk team lead, this includes being the lead for Perch in a first line capacity, however I work in second line on other projects.
    4. The business and service teams are all UK based and in one office, the development project is currently assigned to our own company based in Cyprus.
    5. As above, the new owners already owned other businesses, including the shared services business for which I'm the service desk team lead, with a team of 3 others.
    6. There's currently no set decision on the pricing model, however we will be taking into account those that have bought licences already. More information on this will come once we have completed the release.
    7. I'll bring up with the business asking for a run-down from the developers which can be given out on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, more long term there's already been discussion of a roadmap and 'live' progress updates, so that's something we're considering.

    If there's anything else or you want me to expand on the above let me know!

    Finally, just before we go into the weekend, we're looking to have a more comprehensive progress update for you by Friday next week.

  • You're not alone in this. I had a similar thread a while back.

    A perch_region_order would be fantastic to semantically control the order regions are shown in the admin area as they are a little unpredictable when trying to insert a region in between two existing regions.

    Do you find also, that even though a new page is behind a subfolder, that it still places it in the root of the site, i.e., in the UI?