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    Hi everyone. I installed Runway V4 yesterday, just to see what would happen! I found I could no longer login to the site dashboard, so I had to change one of the core authentication files to spoof license registration (the site was already registered and has an active key not used anywhere else). Proceed with caution - I was happy to risk the update on a personal site I could easily revert, I would not advise updating any client sites to v4 yet.

    Like everyone else, I've no idea why the new Perch team have stopped communicating and have now released half-baked software. I also have 85 live Perch licenses and am paying a monthly subscription for 50 of them - not sure what the future holds for them. Such a shame to see a great product ruined like this.


    I compated the database table structure (perch2_pages) to another Perch Runway site and there were a few differences:

    • No Primary field assigned
    • No index on parentPageID
    • No auto increment on pageID

    I've no idea how these differences occured, but after manually updating the broken table everything's working OK again.

    Here's the debug code from the bottom of the page showing the queries being used to create the page (I commented out the redirect in perch>core>apps>content>modes>page.add.pre.php so I could see this). Not sure if it shows anything helpful.

    Ok, this is an odd one.

    I have a site running Perch Runway. I go to add a new 'top level' page, based on a template in perch>templates>pages. When I add the page the existing 'Home' page becomes a child of nothing, preventing the website from loading. The new page ('Stripe Intent' on the screenshot) is saved, but appears to have sub-pages, even though it doesn't. When being shown the confirmation message after creating the page, the actual 'Page Details' being displayed are for the Home page, not the new page.

    Anyone seen anything like this before? I've built loads of sites in Runway and never seen it do this - bizarre issue with the database?

    Other symptoms are that it takes about 40s to load the home page and there are ? symbols appearing the data (instead of £ signs etc) shown by <perch:showall /> on various templates (particularly things like the cart).

    Hi Everyone

    I built a simple EPOS for a client using Perch Shop. It works fine - other than the following issue with total figures being different in the cart than the final order (which is used to print the receipt).

    If we have an item costing £80 and then apply a 50% discount to the item, the correct total is shown in the cart, like this:


    However, when this order is submitted, the following is shown as the order total:


    Which, as you can see, is 1p out. The difference seems to be in the way the VAT is calculated as this is also 1p out.

    Here's the template I'm using for the cart:

    And here's the template for the final order:

    You can see I'm using the same <perch:shop id="" /> tags for the discount value, tax and grand totals - so I can't work out why these would be calculated any differently between the cart and the final order. Anyone else seen this or can suggest a fix?

    Thanks! :burd1:


    I'm building an add-on for a client - they've requested a multi select on a field. Does anyone know how to create a multi select field within an app? The standard select is like this:

    1. echo $Form->select_field('rCounty','County', $Counties, isset($details['rCounty'])?$details['rCounty']:'active');

    Is there an easy way to transform this into a multiselect?

    Thanks! :burd1:


    I've got a client site which has been working fine, but has now developed a bug (not sure how). It's a Runway build, and all of the 'Select or upload an image' links have stopped working. The asset manager does not open and there are no errors to see in the browser console, so I'm at a bit of a loss as to how to best to troubleshoot the issue. I've just updated the installation to 3.1.5, and the diagnostic report is as follows:

    Any suggestions? Thanks!

    I'd agree that the shop setup is fairly straight forward - and upkeep is easy. However, it might be simplest to use something like Stripe Checkout, with a select input for the type of membership required, then use the perch_member_add_tag(); function to assign that membership level to the user.

    Would that work for you? This way you'd only have to implement a payment system, rather than an entire ecommerce solution. Feel free to get in touch if you'd like any help setting this up.

    I wonder if you could build a work-around for this in the short term by just adding a text field for the author's name? Obviously this wouldn't work if you're wanting to filter/archive by author, but if you just want to state who wrote the content then this might be a quick fix in the short term.

    Hi Muriel,

    If the site has not been updated for a few years it's likely that it's running a very old version of Perch which will required an update to Perch as well as to any Perch apps or addons the site uses via FTP before you'll be able to start using it again.

    If you have FTP access (available from your web host) this should be a fairly straight forward job - but you may need the assistance of a developer if you're not comfortable making changes via FTP.

    You may find someone to help you here, if you need it:


    Thanks Drew - I can make sense of this list, but where does the status actually get defined, at the point the order goes into the database? My client is asking if:

    • Online orders paid for via Stipe go in as 'Paid'
    • Online orders placed as 'Manual' go in as 'Created'

    Aha! Just has a root around in:


    On line 10 there's a $status variable set as 'paid' - I've switched this for 'created', hoping that will do the job!

    Thanks - and nice work on the new forum, I hope to be a bit more helpful and a bit less needy this year!


    I have a client putting orders through their online shop using the manual payment option. They've asked if it's possible to set the 'Order Status' to something other than 'Paid' as this is a little confusing (some of their customers put through orders as manul payment, and then pay by BACS for instance).

    I can't find anything in the docs about this - perhaps it would require a bespoke gateway. Or is it something which could be passed through the $opts=[] variable, in perch_shop_checkout();

    Any suggestions appreciated!