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    I find that when viewing Perch > Forms > All Responses page (if there are more than 10 responses), the 'Last >>' button does not go anywhere. However, if you move on to the 2nd page, then click 'Last >>' it works correctly.

    To put it another way: on the first page of responses the Last button links to:


    (8 being the id of the form)

    Whereas if on the 2nd page of responses (or any other page for that matter), it links correctly:


    So, I find that only if the page id is in the querystring, 'Last >>' works as it should.

    Is anyone aware of this bug?

    I am experiencing an issue where duplicate submissions are appearing in Forms even though client filled out only once.

    They are sometimes on the same day, sometimes different day but the entries are always exactly the same, to the letter, so I am quite sure they are not filling the form out twice/three times. The entries are legitimate too (ie not spam).

    Has anyone else experienced this problem ?

    I agree. The cost (though significant with 42 licences) is a small issue to me compared to the stability of the product and reliability of the support, which looks very, very doubtful. My business thrived with Perch, but there's no way I could continue with the current instability of product development, support and communication.

    Again you are right Byron Fitzgerald !

    It seems a bit strange having to have template and skip-template in the custom query, but it works.

    Thank you.

    1. $result = perch_collection('301 Redirects', [
    2. 'filter'=>'old_url',
    3. 'match'=>'eq',
    4. 'value'=>$reqstring,
    5. 'count'=>1,
    6. 'template' => '301_redirects.html', //<-- added
    7. 'skip-template' => true,
    8. 'return-html' => true,
    9. ]);

    This great post form the old forum by Shane Lenzen shows how we can set up a Collection called 301 Redirects. In this Collection you can set page redirections!…p-301-redirect-collection

    However, I am finding that when the 404 is triggered I get a couple of PHP errors and I'd like to iron them out. Can anyone help?

    The errors are:

    Notice: Undefined offset: 0 in /Users/simonclay/Dropbox/Clients/Wycombe Homeless Connection/Wycombe Homeless Website/Site Folder/perch/core/runway/apps/content/PerchContent_Runway.class.php on line 426

    Warning: array_filter() expects parameter 1 to be array, string given in /Users/simonclay/Dropbox/Clients/Wycombe Homeless Connection/Wycombe Homeless Website/Site Folder/perch/templates/pages/errors/404.php on line 23

    The 404.php page code: