I am looking for the directions to upgrade to 2.8.34 from a much earlier version.

  • I have a new server which can run 7.3 php and would like to use it but I need to upgrade my sites to the latest version of Perch 3 something. I need the directions to get the site up to 2.8.34 does anyone know where that is or have those.

  • Hi

    You haven't said which version your site is on but, assuming you're on 2 point something, you just need to replace the core folder with the one from 2.8.34. This is available in the download section of your Perch account page.

    I think there was an issue with a plug-in around 2.8.15 so you need to replace these files too. Read through the changelogs for more information: https://grabaperch.com/update/history

    Then follow the instructions to move up to v3: https://docs.grabaperch.com/perch/upgrading/

    It goes without saying that you should backup and do this offline or on a staging server with the PHP version set to as close as possible to your live server. Not on a live site.

    NB 7.3 is very new so I am not sure how Perch works with that. I haven't ventured beyond 7.2 yet.