Members Only Issues

  • oh code!
    my members area folder is 'dashboard'

    this is my dashboard/index.php

    this is the global.sidebar

  • The issue seams to happen when I click on the 'dashboard' button line 44 in the second set of code.

    When I log into member A's profile member A's loads to dashboard/index.php with member A's info but then I click the 'dashboard' button it loads dashboard/index.php with member B's info.

    THEN I refresh and it shows Member A's info again, and it just goes in that loop over and over

    this is happening on incognito and on a computer/network that has never logged into any other profile but member A.

  • No, I will have to set that up and try out of the box members area.

    If that works fine do you have any inklings? My first thought is caching but member a has never logged in as any other member and they don’t have a certain tag.

    It’s very strange because it will work for me where I only see my member but then member A sees other profiles but member B‘s seem to work fine

  • I am just learning how to build the custom apps and just used the sample app as base I have made several changes, just haven't messed with the names and stuff yet until I get a better hang of it. I have made it work for what I wanted it to do. But essentially each "thing" has a client name on it and in the members area Member A only sees "things" with Member A on the "thing" and also I have a sidebar that displays the members information like their name and company name.

    And what sometimes happens is Member A see's Member B's name and other information and also Member B's "things", but if Member A refreshes they will see Member A's stuff again then if they press the "dashboard" button which goes to the members index.php file it will load Member B's info again