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    I'm trying to set up a form to send to a certain email address and I can't get the email test settings to send to it. It says it sends successfully but I never receive it. I sent it to like 3 other emails and it works, just not this particular one, but the email works, I can send regular emails to it



    1. <perch:content id="brandid" type="dataselect" label="Brand" page="/brands.php" region="Brands" options="brand" values="brandslug">
    2. <perch:content id="brandid" type="dataselect" label="Brand" page="/brands.php" region="Brands" options="brand" values="brandpcolor">

    I have the two above but they spit out the same thing. I had a suspicion this wouldn't work. But anyone have any ideas what will?

    I basically need to reuse the content from one template into another by using the same dropdown from the dataselect to populate everything.

    I am trying to output the number of items with a certain value in a collection

    I have tried the below but it repeats the count for as many items as there is

    1. perch_collection('Portfolio', [
    2.     'template' => 'brand_count.html',
    3.     'filter' => 'propertybrand',
    4. 'match' => 'neq',
    5.     'value' => 'Independent',
    6. ]);

    my brand_count.html

    1. <perch:content id="perch_item_count" type="hidden">

    result: 212121212121212121212121212121212121212121

    Ok, so it worked on one and I got it to work on another but now its duplicating them again.

    Here is my main template

    here are my templates where it includes the different

    1. <perch:if different="propertybrand"><button class="btn button button-secondary" id="<perch:content id="propbrandfilter" type="composite" for="propertybrand" format="C:3">"><perch:content type="text" id="propertybrand" label="Property Brand" required></button> </perch:if>
    1. <perch:if different="state"><button class="btn button button-secondary" id="<perch:content id="statefilter" type="composite" for="state" format="C:3" >"><perch:content id="state"></button>
    2. </perch:if>

    This is my .php page

    Is there a way to pull only unique items once?
    I have a list of properties and each has a "brand" and I want to list those brands without having duplicates show up in the "brand" list that is separate from the properties list/

    Example I have a list










    But I want to output A, B, C, D

    How would I do that?

    Thanks in advance!

    I have my action set to /contact but it still redirects to /contact.php

    This is my .htaccess I have it set to remove .php on normal pages but it just wont go away when the press submit

    I am just learning how to build the custom apps and just used the sample app as base I have made several changes, just haven't messed with the names and stuff yet until I get a better hang of it. I have made it work for what I wanted it to do. But essentially each "thing" has a client name on it and in the members area Member A only sees "things" with Member A on the "thing" and also I have a sidebar that displays the members information like their name and company name.

    And what sometimes happens is Member A see's Member B's name and other information and also Member B's "things", but if Member A refreshes they will see Member A's stuff again then if they press the "dashboard" button which goes to the members index.php file it will load Member B's info again

    No, I will have to set that up and try out of the box members area.

    If that works fine do you have any inklings? My first thought is caching but member a has never logged in as any other member and they don’t have a certain tag.

    It’s very strange because it will work for me where I only see my member but then member A sees other profiles but member B‘s seem to work fine