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    I replaced

    1. $Things = new MySample_Things($API);
    2. $list = $Things->all();


    1. $Things = new MySample_Things($API);
    2. $filtered_things = $Things->get_filtered_listing($opts);

    and it didn't return anything

    I also tried


    Thank you for pointing this out! Do you have any suggestions on how to fix this? I have tried multiple things and I just can't get it.

    My full runtime.php is below

    This is it! TYIA!

    Hello! Me again!

    I am finally starting to get my head around this! But I have run into another snag. Sorry in advance for being a pain! Just trying to learn everything perch has to offer!

    I have added a my_sample_listing_custom to the runtime.php

    1. function my_sample_listing_custom($opts=false, $return=false)
    2. {
    3. return my_sample_listing($opts, $return);
    4. }

    But When I do the Function on the index.php the only thing is seems to listen to is the template

    1. my_sample_listing_custom(array(
    2. 'filter' => 'thingTitle',
    3. 'match' => 'contains',
    4. 'value' => '1',
    5. 'template' => 'listing_custom.html',
    6. 'count' => '2',
    7. ));

    It doesn't throw and error or anything it just returns everything as it would for my_sample_listing, except it will change to the template I specify.

    What am I missing?

    Again, sorry for being a pain!

    Thank you! I tried doing <?php $project_id = perch_get('s'); ?> previously and it didn't work I have since made changes and must have had something else making it not work

    thank you thank you!

    Here is what is in the runtime.php

    I am trying to wrap my head around creating custom Add-Ons, and without tweaking anything from the download when I implement

    1. <?php my_sample_detail(); ?>

    it throws this error

    1. Warning: Missing argument 1 for my_sample_detail(), called in /public_html/page/index.php on line 54 and defined in public_html/login/addons/apps/my_sample/runtime.php on line 71

    I am unsure how to fix.

    I am receiving the messages on the forms listing page and the test email under settings comes through.

    Debug Output

    Here is the template code