Blog page with multiple custom calls not retaingin content on pagination

  • Hi,

    I have the Blog app running and I am using perch_content_custom to not only return a list of blog entries, but also, I am using it to return entries designated as 'most popular' and 'most recent' in a sidebar.

    The issue is, as soon as implement pagination on the post.php page, the main perch_content_custom call, which returns the listing of blog entries and is first on the page updates fine, but all content in the subsequent calls is lost.

    Is there a way to retain the content with pagination.

    The main template (index.php) looks like:

    Now I realise that the pagination is set within the template 'blog_post_in_list.html' which would then only effect that main element:

    1. <perch:template path="pagination/default.html" rescope="parent">

    but then how do I either move pagination to within index.php as <perch:template> cannot be directly applied, or do I somehow have to try and include the sidebar content within my 'blog_post_in_list.html' which I cannot see how to do, to get the pagination working.

    That is, the bog posts are paginated, but the content in the sidebar (post_in_list_popular_comments.html and post_in_list_recent.html) are not.

    Any ideas welcome.



  • I would like to know how this would work, not with popularity by comments but popularity by page views, as I will not have any comments allowed (due to the nature of the site).

    I am also puzzled by the pages:

    blog_post_in_list.html and


    These are not in the package that I have (downloaded Perch 3.1.7 last week). Did you just create them?

    The page and section that I am trying to adapt with the blog module, and the entire reason I got Perch for my client in the first place (which was to replace Wordpress) is found on the home page of this site: - its where the section has 'Popular Posts' and 'Recent posts' (on the right and scroll down a ways).